Make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Our checklists will help you keep track of all the important tasks you need to complete in a real estate transaction.

With the option to like it, love it, or hate it, you're clients will love using this House Hunting Checklist to note what they thought about the properties that they are touring.

Ever have a slow day where you can't think of anything productive to do? Here's a checklist that can inspire a few ideas.

Never lose track of where you are in a closing by using this Critical Date Checklist to track your deadlines and tasks.

Do you have a real estate assistant or are you thinking of getting one? In this article guest contributor Chalice Springfield provides us with an awesome list of potential tasks for assistants.

Writing a good inspection notice is somewhat of an art. Use this list to make sure you don’t forget something that could hurt your buyer in the long run. Taking the time to do things correctly up front will save you major headaches before and after closing.

When you're working with clients who are going through a divorce there are plenty of added challenges compared to a typical transaction. This 10-point checklist will help the process go a little smoother.